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Electrician Lubbock Pro is your trustworthy local electric company that caters to your need be it residential, commercial or industrial services. We are committed to delivering nothing but the best electrical services and strive to make sure that our customers are getting the best out of their investment in Lubbock TX.

We are also well-known for being dependable and affordable - Lubbock Electricians offer a wide range of highly skilled technicians and specialists so we can offer a wide variety of solutions to our customers. Our goal is customer satisfaction and we stand behind that by providing high-quality workmanship and timely customer services.

Our company's mission is to provide high quality, professional electrical energy services in a safe, expedited manner while meeting the customer's business need in Lubbock TX for value.


About Us

Being a local and family owned business, Electrician Lubbock Pro has 20 years of experience in Lubbock TX. Our network of top electricians do residential electrical services as well as commercial electrical services. Our team provides affordable prices for every residential electrical service they provide. We endeavour to satisfy all the electric requirements in a timely manner, typically by the completion date. We use high-quality electrical materials in our services.

Electrician Lubbock Pro is the perfect partner in helping you achieve a safer, more efficient home or business without having to spend too much time researching for solutions or hiring the wrong people to do the job. Our electricians are highly skilled and qualified individuals so we can guarantee that your electrical needs will be met by the best electricians in Lubbock in our team.

This is where our years of experience come into play - we know what to do and how to fix your electrical problems for your home and business. Our electricians are IICRC certified, have cleared criminal background check, drug tested and have excellent reputation in the electrical services industry so we can ensure that only credible and highly skilled individuals, aka best electricians in Lubbock TX work for Electrician Lubbock Pro. We also offer free estimates even if the electrical work turns out to be more extensive than you initially thought.

Our philosophy is to concentrate on maintaining our focus on safety, friendliness, and service as well as employing highly skilled electricians in Lubbock TX. With years of experience in the electrical services industry and a wide range of services offered, Electrician Lubbock Pro is your answer to all electrical business needs.

Supporting the community is another of our top priorities. We constantly strive to build and promote the community for which we serve by working hand in hand with other companies, government agencies and individuals that share the same vision. Naturally, our government industry clients are in great alignment of our vision.

Our Services


As much as we’re a seasoned vet in Lubbock Texas, we pride ourselves on the variety of professional services we offer and the immense talents we have accumulated in our crews over the years. With that said, we’ve seen any and every electrical issue one can ever come across in Lubbock TX and you could have been in no better hands than in ours. With that said, terms such as residential electrical services, commercial electrician lubbock tx and electrician lubbock tx are but a few ways people find us from on the internet. We have such a prominent online presence for no other reason than the fact that we’re so praised by our clients that search engines can’t help but notice. Simply give us call at 806-464-4220 to share with us your inquiry and we promise that you won’t be sorry!

Our services include home wiring or business wiring, replacing lighting fixtures and security lighting, ceiling fan installation, and landscape lighting, upgrading electric service panels and many others. We offer free estimates on all our full service, residential electrical service and industrial one which means you will not incur additional charges even if the job turns out to be more extensive than you anticipated.

LED Upgrades and Lighting
Landscape Lighting
Commercial Electrical Service
Electrical Repair

LED Upgrades and Lighting
Led lights are a great way to redefine living in and out. They can reduce your lighting bill by up to 90 for your house and business. Talk to us about LED upgrades today. We're expert locals in Lubbock TX and we can provide you with the perfect option for your needs be it wiring or extra circuits for your business. To find out more information about installing LED lights in Lubbock TX, contact Lubbock Electrician Pro today before your completion date gets too tight. There are different types of LED lights that meet different needs for businesses and residences. We have installed all types for all businesses and know how to help you find the perfect one for your company and situation.

Landscape Lighting
Ranging from troubleshooting existing systems to installing new ones for new construction, a wide range of landscape lighting services are being offered here at Electrician Lubbock Pro. We train our certified electricians so well that they’re versed in all aspects of electric installation and repair. Over the years we’ve built a reputation of delivering highest quality work at a competitive rate for every company. To help you make an informed decision, we layout below some of the common landscaping lighting issues we tackle. For one, we troubleshoot existing landscape lighting system. Secondly, we maintain existing landscape lighting system. Thirdly, we install new landscape lighting system with ever-lasting LED fixtures that save you nearly 80% of cost over the traditional one.

Commercial Electrical Service
In order to thrive, a qualified and skilled commercial electrician is an asset any business cannot live without. The quality of the commercial electrical service you receive will have a direct impact of your business. That along with the fact that a far greater expertise is required for commercial projects just makes a competent commercial electrician so hard to find. Luckily, our commercial electric crew have all the desired qualities all businesses and industry longs for. With that said, what you can expect when working with Electrician Lubbock Pro is that the work will be done right the first time, with any safety hazards and delays completely eliminated for you consumers and family. Also, your business will be protected as we’ll obtain proper permits, inspections and approvals for you as required by your area and industry.

Electrical Repair
We can say with experience that most serious electric incidents actually start off as very small anomalies which often go unnoticed. Things such as outlets being warm to the touch or a breaker box that trips on a continuous basis are often overlooked but are often key indicators that something about your system is off. If you leave small electrical anomalies unattended, or electrical problems un-repaired, things can go south. Luckily, Electrician Lubbock Pro in TX offers speedy and reliable electric repairs service that puts your mind and wallet at ease. We repair anything and everything electric, ranging from breaker box or electrical outlets replacement, ceiling fans, landscape lighting, and repair wiring, etc.! With that said, please do not hesitate to give us a call if you notice anything abnormal!


Solar Panel Installation
Ceiling Fan Installation
Residential Electrical Services

Solar Panel Installation
These days, more and more people, individuals and companies alike, are becoming increasingly environmentally concerned and are looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into their day-to-day life or their companies’ best practices in order to lower their carbon footprint. Besides, more and more people are starting to realize how vulnerable and costly the traditional power grid really is and are leaning toward alternative power source. One common yet exceptional way for those goals to be met in Lubbock, Texas is by utilizing solar energy. Few places in the US have the amount of sunshine Texas has. To decrease your carbon footprint and give every creature on earth a chance, you’re really in luck because we offer phenomenal solar panel installation services.

Ceiling Fan Installation
It goes without saying that every location in Lubbock TX needs to have a fan installed or you might as well start practising Buddhism so you can cool your mind. Ceiling fans are a house essential in Texas that keep your home and office comfortable all year round. How do you install a new fan or replace an old one? Electricians aren't usually thought of as the go-to professionals for simple tasks like this but there are so many nuances, tools and materials needed when it comes to installing ceiling fans that most people simply don’t have the time, energy and resources to do it by themselves. One has to know how to remove an old fan, how to install a mounting bracket and plate, how to install a fan wiring, how to attach the fan blades and light, and finally how to balance ceiling in order to be considered knowledgeable.

Residential Electrical Services
Out of all the electrical specialties, the one that most people come into contact with the most often is the residential specialty. That’s because residential electricians specialize in electric work in residences, houses and apartment buildings. A skilled and licensed residential electrician are trained in the installation, maintenance, inspection and repairs of wiring and electric components and systems. On a typical workday, we might have to read and interpret technical drawings or blueprints. We might also have to inspect electric components, install new wiring or lighting, maintain existing electrical systems, diagnose problems in wiring and systems and repair them. Also, we might have to replace components that are old or broken. With that said, a few questions you have can be answered at 806-464-4220.


Commonly Asked Questions

A lot of people ask me this question. Most electricians do get paid well but it doesn't really depend on the type of work you are doing or for how long. The more hours you're working and the more difficult the work is, then certainly your pay is going to reflect that.
The skillset for an electrician varies depending on what type of work they specialize in, so compensation usually reflects this. For example, if someone was an electrical contractor who specializes in commercial buildings, there's a much higher risk of injury and the pay will be higher for those individuals than to someone who would be hired for residential installations or repairs.
The electricians are the people who wire and install the power in your home. They have to inspect homes and figure out where everything needs to go so when they install it, you don't need any more work done on it.
The electrician will turn off the power to that part of your house, see what's wrong, fix it and then turn on the power again. They also might be working in a factory or an office building, for instance.

There are four types of electricians that you will find out there. There are specialists in residential, commercial, industrial and service. Residential electricians work on your house, commercial is for offices or factories and it's pretty much the same thing as residential but it includes more complicated wiring. Industrial is for factories and includes high voltage wiring. Service electricians cover both residential and commercial in a service call. This means they come out to fix what's wrong on site rather than doing all the work beforehand like the other 3 types of electrician do. The skillset for an electrician varies depending on what type of work they specialize in, so compensation usually reflects this.

It is possible to make six figures as an electrician. The median income for an electrician working in the US is $48,960 as of May 2019. An electrician who is also a contractor may very well be making this amount or more.

Electricians are not a dying trade. In fact, electrician jobs are going to be needed more now than ever because of the increase in green energy. There will be more solar panels and wind turbines which means that there will need to be an electrician to install them.

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Electrician Lubbock Pro is an electrical contractor for Lubbock TX and surrounding areas. The business provides a high-quality work for business projects. Our registered address is 2219 27th Street, #135 A, Lubbock, TX 79411 although we don't provide on-site service at all so please don't show up at our address for your own safety. Rest assured, you can always check us out on the web! Embrased in electric services whether electrical construction solutions lighting management solutions lighting or signage, Electrician Lubbock Pro supports all kinds of lighting electric control and business. Call us at 806-464-4220 for a free estimate.

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