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Becton is found on the Burlington Northern Railroad east of Farm Road 400, about 29 km northeast of Lubbock, Texas. To this day, the town remains an unincorporated community. As of 2000, the population was about 125 people.


Settlers initially named the town Bledsoe for W. E. Bledsoe of the Three Circle Ranch. However, in 1917, when E. H. Moody applied for a post office, a Texas settlement already existed named Bledsoe, so he used the name Becton after Abner M. Becton. Abner was an early settler who provided land for a new school building. The first school was a simple, one-room structure built by W. E. Bledsoe that also served as the community's church. Becton had three businesses, two schools, a church, and a population of twenty-five in 1936. The town built three more churches and a factory in 1978.

Notable Attractions

According to travelers, the 32-km long Yellow House Canyon is regarded as the greatest tourist attraction in Wolfforth. So if you're looking for a great weekend trip, pack your bags and head over to Wolfforth. Other attractions the city offers include the West Texas Polar Express Ride for a fun-filled family activity, 4ORE Golf for the golf enthusiasts of all ages, and the Legacy Play Village, a 3-story, 30,000 square foot wooden playground built by volunteers from the South Plains.


The average temperature in January and February is around 12°C. The months of September and June have the most rainfall, with a precipitation total of about 111mm. The coldest months are January and December.
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