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Ceiling Fan Installation Lubbock TX

Technically, the ceiling fan installation process is something that can be done by anyone with the right tools and know-how. However, more often than not people find themselves struggling with installing ceiling fans by themselves and ending up having to seek out professional help. When you need to have a professional electrician do your ceiling fan installation for you, it's always best to go through Electrician Lubbock Pro. Let's take a look at what the process of installing a ceiling fan looks like in three steps!

Ceiling Fan Installation is a process that most homeowners have to go through at some point. Whether it's for updating an old fixture, or installing one in a new construction project, Ceiling Fans are always present in the home. It can be helpful to hire someone with experience when it comes to installation and maintenance of Ceiling Fans. This article will cover three steps that make up this particular installation process from Electrician Lubbock Pro:

1) Inspection
-It's important to inspect the ceiling fan before installation. This step will ensure that any problems are corrected and addressed before installing the fixture on your ceilings, which is crucial for safety.
What you want to do first is use a ladder or other elevated platform so you can stand above the fan blades while examining them from behind and below. Check out each blade—the tip of it should be clean without bend marks where they meet with the outer edge of their slot in the center hub; there shouldn't also be any dried paint or rust spots showing up anywhere. The bell shape at its end when viewed from outside should curve smoothly back inside towards its point without any bubbles forming around this curve. Finally, examine how well the blades are secured into their slots in the center hub.

If you notice any of these issues with your fan, contact Electrician Lubbock Pro at (806) 464-4220 for a Ceiling Fan Replacement or to have them repair it before installation.

2) Preparation
The second step is securing and hanging the ceiling fan:
Once all problems found during inspection have been corrected, bring down your ladder from earlier so that you can stand on it at ground level again. Now take off the old mounting bracket attached by hand screws onto an existing light fixture if there's one present; this will make installing new brackets easier later on! Next unscrew and remove four bell head bolts (normally two per blade) holding each blade in place around its hub point. Put the blade in an outstretched hand, and use your other to remove the outer screw-in bolt from its slot.

Now it's time to put up new brackets for installing ceiling fan blades on a light fixture that don't have any already! Take off one of the mounting bracket pieces (the part with "ears") by unscrewing two screws at either end or removing them using pliers if they're too tight. Line up each piece so that their ears are facing outward extending away from you; then place two holes on opposite sides face down onto the wall where you want to mount these brackets. From there just tighten both bolts evenly until secure while making sure not to overdo it—you'll need a little bit left loose enough so that you can adjust the position of these brackets in relation to one another. Now take a blade and line up its slots over either piece of bracket, making sure it's facing outward like before; then tighten four bolts using your own hands or pliers until secure!

3) Mounting
The third step is powering up:
For newer light fixtures with no old mounting bracket around them, unscrew two screws at each end from the ceiling fan blades' hub point. Next install new mounting brackets by lining up their holes on opposite sides with those on top of an existing light fixture (one set screw per hole). Then place the other ends onto wall where desired for installation. Take out all remaining hand screws holding blades in place along hub points and remove blades. Reattach blades onto the new brackets and tighten four screws using your own hands or pliers until secure!

Finally, before plugging in this ceiling fan for use, test it out by spinning each blade manually to see if they're working properly. If so then turn off power at breaker box before proceeding with installation of light bulbs that will shine down on these blades when turned back on again. Savor a job well done—you've just completed Ceiling Fan Installation process from Electrician Lubbock Pro!

Do you need a professional Ceiling Fan Installation company in Lubbock? We can help! From ceiling fan installation services to repairing and replacing your existing ceiling fans, Electrician Lubbock Pro is the best choice for all of your needs. With so many reasons to choose us as your go-to electricians in Lubbock, simply dial (806) 464-4220 and you won't be sorry!

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