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Located along Farm to Market Road 1527, about 33 km northeast of Lubbock, Estacado is the first White agricultural settlement on the South Plains. This small community had a population of approximately 80 in 2000.


Paris Cox established Estacado in 1879. The small town was first named Marietta for Cox's wife, Mary. At the time, the other families appeared to be unprepared for the harsh winter because they had only tents for living quarters. This prompted them to depart shortly thereafter. In 1881, the settlement was resettled by new families. Despite its unfavorable beginning, Estacado became the county's first seat of government in 1886. From 1930 to 1940, the population increased from 68 individuals to 85. The population was about 80 people from 1970 through 2000.

Tourist Attractions

You can find the Llano Estacado Winery, a great place to enjoy a variety of world-class wines, nearby. If you're looking for something not just artful but entertaining, then step into Charles ADAMS Gallery, one of the most popular galleries in the Lubbock Cultural District. Meanwhile, the Cactus Theater is an amazing place to see live performances. You can find this premier venue for diverse concerts only a few minutes away.


The wettest month in Estacado is June when approximately 2.8 inches of rain falls up to 9 days on average. On the other hand, July is the warmest month with an average high temperature of 34.°C. Throughout the year, the temperature in Estacado typically varies from -1.7°C to 33.9 °C. The temperature rarely dips below -7.8°C or exceeds 38.3°C.

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