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Hurlwood is on Highway 114 and the Santa Fe Railroad. It's 19 km west of Lubbock, near the Hockley County Line. The town's population fell from 185 to 115 between 1960 and 2000. The name Hurlwood comes from the names of two early settlers Claude B. Hurlbut and W. M. Wood.


Early records show that the foundation of Hurlwood took place in 1924 around a railway junction. The Hurlwood Rural High School District was established in 1935 after the merger of three rural schools. In 1940, the population was small, numbering only fifty persons. An aviation training school, the Reese Air Force Base (then known as Lubbock Army Air Field), was constructed there during World War II.

Notable Attractions & Landmarks

The Reese Air Force Base (now called Reese Technology Center), a shut-down pilot training facility, is among the notable sights in Hurlwood. Other attractions such as Prairie Dog Town, National Ranching Heritage Center, and Tech Terrace Park are all a few minutes away.


Throughout the year, the temperature ranges from -1.6°C to 33.9°C and seldom drops below -7.7°C or rises above 38.3°C. Hurlwood experiences about 7 inches of snow each year on average. The national average, in contrast, is 28 inches of snow per year. Meanwhile, the warm season lasts almost four months, from May to September, with a daily average high temperature of greater than 29.4°C. The winter season, which lasts nearly three months, has a daily average temperature of less than 16.6°C. July is the hottest month in Hurlwood, while January is the coldest.

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