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The small neighborhood of Kitalou is 12 km northeast of Lubbock in the Texas Panhandle. Kitalou is at an elevation of 3,180 (1 mile) feet above sea level.


Local settlers renamed Kitalou for the daughter of railway vice president F. E. Clarity after the Fort Worth and Denver Railway arrived in 1928. It was formerly known as Causey Hill after an early settler. The Kitalou switch kept functioning as a local shipping facility throughout the 1940s and 1950s. By the 1980s, it had closed down, and in the mid-1980s, about fifteen families were living near the ancient switch.

Nearby Attractions

If there's one thing Kitalou is known for, it's the Kitalou Gin. The Kitalou Gin, originally a cotton gin constructed in 1925, is now used for weddings and private gatherings. For each occasion, Kitalou Gin promises to provide a genuine West Texas experience. Nearby attractions include Mackenzie Park, Lubbock Memorial Arboretum, and Buddy Holly Statue.


The summer period in Kitalou is long, hot, and mostly clear. Meanwhile, winters are highly frigid, snowy, and partly cloudy. The average yearly rainfall in this small town is 20 inches. On average, the country receives 38 inches of water each year. The temperature ranges from a low of -2.2°C to a high of 33.3°C throughout the year. The temperature seldom goes below -8.3°C or above 37.7°C.

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