Professional Landscape Lighting Design, Installation & Repair At Electrician Lubbock Pro


Do you have any outdoor lighting at your home or business? If not, then you are not alone. Many people in Lubbock don't have outdoor lighting because they believe it's too expensive, too difficult to install and maintain, and that the return on investment is limited. But with Electrician Lubbock Pro, we make it easy for customers to get professional landscape lighting design, installation and repair! Our technicians know how to create a beautiful look while keeping power consumption low. We offer LED solutions that will last longer than traditional bulbs and give off a light that is more similar to natural daylight - perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing outdoors after work!

Landscape Lighting Design

When you work with Electrician Lubbock Pro, it's easy to get professional assistance in designing the perfect outdoor lighting for your home or business. Our experts will come out and take a look at what we have on hand or recommend an appropriate solution based on your budget and needs.

Our design process includes:
- a consultation to determine what you're looking for and how much power will be needed
- an initial design that includes the layout of your lighting, type of fixtures, wattage & bulbs required, among other details. We'll also assist in estimating the cost based on your budget so there's no surprises later!
- we provide detailed drawings with measurements to help keep costs down by avoiding any missteps during installation. Once plans are finalized and approved, our team can finish up everything on time.

Landscape Lighting Installation

We offer quality landscape lighting installation services at prices that won't break the bank. In fact, Electrician Lubbock Pro is one of the most affordable options in town because we don't charge for the initial consultation.

We also offer free estimates, so you can see how much it will cost before moving forward with any work. Landscape lighting installation is a complicated process that requires expertise and precision to ensure your lights are installed correctly without creating safety hazards or going over budget. Our team of experts has been in this industry since 1994 and we know what it takes to get the job done right. Whether you're installing landscape lights on new construction, upgrading existing fixtures at home, adding them onto a deck or patio, our technicians have seen just about everything - so there's no need to worry! We even offer smart solutions like solar landscape lighting which won't ever need new batteries or bulbs because they're powered by free energy from the sun!

We'll take care of all aspects of installation including:
- preparing posts for wire routing & securing mounts
- running wire (or installing recessed wiring) in a safe manner to avoid potential damages such as fires
- placing fixtures on posts & securing them with brackets or hangers, and then routing any wires inside the post. We also have experience working with pool lights, spotlights, etc. so we can make sure everything is just right!

Landscape Lighting Repair

When it comes time for repair work at your home or business, Electrician Lubbock Pro has you covered too. Our team of experts will quickly diagnose what's needed to get your outdoor lighting back up and running again - after all these years in this industry our techs know how these things happen! Whether there was an electrical surge or some other damage that caused your lights to stop working, we'll take care of the problem and diagnose it quickly.

We offer a wide range of repair services for all types of lighting including:
- repairing or replacing damaged fixtures
- fixing broken wiring so you're not left without power on the most beautiful nights!
- troubleshooting issues with low voltage transformers & circuits which can cause flickering bulbs - no more pesky yellow light when you need to get work done in your backyard or garden!

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting Design, Installation & Repair
It's easy to see the benefits when you have professional assistance from Electrician Lubbock Pro! Whether your goal is to improve safety in your yard or keep things stylish with decorative lighting - we're here for all of that and more. We can answer any questions about our services so contact us today at (806) 464-4220 for more information. You'll be glad you did!

Do you want to make your yard look like a dream? Give it the perfect outdoor feel and ambiance with professional landscape lighting design, installation, and repair services at Electrician Lubbock Pro. We offer everything from custom designs that will suit your needs to repairs for any issue from electrical shorting to broken fixtures. With our one-stop-shop service, we can take care of all your landscaping lighting needs!

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