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Midway is a small town located 6 kilometers north of Yellow House Canyon, 3 kilometers west of the Crosby County line, and 16 kilometers northeast of Slaton. The elevation of Midway is 3,080 feet (about 1/2 mile) above sea level.


In the mid-1920s, Midway was established near the McClung School, one of twenty-six country rural school districts in the area. The merging of McClung school with those of Acuff and Canyon to form the Roosevelt Rural School District took place in 1935. In previous years, a store had operated in Midway occasionally. However, the only business that remained by 1984 was the McClung Co-Op Gin, which processed 7,500 bales of cotton that year.

Nearby Attractions

If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind Lubbock experience, visiting the American Windmill Museum is a must! It houses some of the most historically restored structures in the country. What's more, it's also the world's largest windmill museum! The Science Spectrum & the OMNI Theater and Nightmare On 19th Street, and the Silent Wings Museum are all within a short distance.


Summers in Midway are lengthy, hot, and mostly sunny. Meanwhile, winters are brief, bitterly cold, windy, and partly overcast. Midway's average temperature throughout the year is about -1.7°C to 33.9°C, with minor variations in the winter and summer when it is colder or hotter than that. The temperature is seldom below -7.8 °C or above 38.3°C during the year. The coldest month of the year in Midway is January.

How essential is electricity in ensuring you are well-equipped to deal with bad weather?

Electricity is like a life support system and is important, especially during cold weather. Think of it like a cup of coffee every day. It takes a while to prepare a pot each morning, but it's worth it when you're chilly and need a warm drink. You would be a lot colder and more miserable without it. The same applies to electricity. You wouldn't be able to go on the Internet, watch TV, or play video games. Having electricity means you can stay warm and comfortable, things that become essential for survival during the winter months.

The cold weather is coming, and you need to prepare for it. If your house loses power during a storm or other natural disaster, the last thing you want is an amateur fumbling around in your basement with live electrical wires! Hiring the right electrician can be a challenge. You want to work with electricians who are not only licensed but also have the proper skills and experience to handle any electrical problem you might encounter. But how do you know if they're telling the truth?

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We are located at 2219 27th Street, #135 A, Lubbock, TX 79411. We don't currently offer on-site services, though, so please don't visit us.

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