Posey is a small rural community located on the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe lines. The town is 11 miles southeast of Lubbock in southeastern Lubbock County. Early inhabitants named the community Posey for the family of Walter Samson Posey, who assisted in the construction of the railway's right-of-way. From 1952 to 1973, there were 120 people reported. The population increased to 125 from 1974 to 1992.


According to the Handbook of Texas, the establishment of Posey took place in 1936. It had then a population of 25 and 3 businesses. Posey had a population of 70 people by the 1940s. By this time, a church, a school, a grain elevator, and two companies existed. The existing school was later combined with those of Slaton in the 1960s. These days, there is a functioning cotton gin, a Lutheran church, and a few homes scattered throughout. Because of this, Posey has been classified as a "dispersed rural community."

Notable Attractions

Although Posey is a relatively small town, it's close to major attractions in Lubbock County. If you want to have some fun while in town, take your friends to Time Crunch Escapes and try to find your way out of the rooms. Stop by the American Wind Power Center to see the largest windmill museum in the United States. Visit historical sites such as the Buddy Holly Center or Science Spectrum Museum and learn a bit of Texas history.


Summer in Posey is hot and, at times, stifling. The summer period lasts for over three months (June-September) with an average daily high temperature above 31.1°C. Meanwhile, the winter season is cold and wet. It lasts three months, from November to February, with an average daily high temperature below 18.9°C. The average annual rainfall in Posey is 20 inches. Throughout the year, it is partly overcast, with the temperature typically varying from 4.4°C to 35 °C.

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