Electrician in Quaker Heights Lubbock, TX

Quaker Heights has a 13.6 percent vacancy rate, which is much higher than the national average (higher than 70.5 percent of American neighborhoods). The majority of unoccupied houses in this area is vacant all year. This might indicate either a lack of demand for real estate in the area or that a huge number of new housings has been developed but is yet to be inhabited. In any case, if you reside here, you may see that many of the houses or apartments are vacant. We understand how tough it is to hire reliable electricians at Quaker Heights in Lubbock. We also recognize how essential it is for anyone to have a secure and comfortable home, which is why we only give the best electrical services.  Electrician Lubbock Pro are well-versed in the industry, best practices and local regulations are followed and they understand precisely what to do to keep your home safe and secure. Put your trust in Electrician Lubbock Pro, and you can rest assured that your safety is our priority. We are located at 2219 27th Street, #135 A, Lubbock, TX 79411. We don’t offer on-site service. Instead, please call (806) 464-4220 for inquiries and bookings.

Electrician Lubbock Pro is committed to electrical safety as a service. We provide a free safety check regardless of the service you contract us for. These assessments are essential for protecting your house and property from fire hazards and other threats. Our electricians will evaluate your electrical system as well as provide you honest advice. We will never put you under any pressure to purchase things or services that you do not need. We also provide emergency electricity services in a considerable geographic location. When you partner with us, we always prioritize your demands. Call us now (806) 464-4220, let us help you!

Our Services

  • Electrical Services
  • Lighting Installation
  • Outlet & Switch Installation
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Wiring & Rewiring Services
  • Surge Protection
  • Generator Installation
  • Smart Home System

Same-day appointments, rapid emergency service, transparent, fair pricing, expert electricians, and great electrical service are all possible. Our electricians are all bonded, insured, and up to date on the newest security and code standards. There is no service that is too difficult for us to manage. There is nothing like Electrician Lubbock Pro. We are located at 2219 27th Street, #135 A, Lubbock, TX 79411. We don’t offer on-site service. Instead, please call (806) 464-4220 for inquiries and bookings.

Our experienced electricians are prepared to take on residential electrical repairs of any scale, from replacing a ceiling fan to upgrading a whole panel. Each meeting with a client is arranged by a few of our professional in Electricians Lubbock Pro, not a secretary or assistant. We spend quality time on each call discussing things in order to properly analyze the problem, and we are typically able to make decisions the right plan of action before deploying a truck to your house or office. Each estimate or proposal is carefully built up and completed by one of our professional electricians so that we can foresee any issues ahead of time and offer the customer a comprehensive overview of the project before they sign the agreement. There aren't many other electricians in Lubbock's Quaker Heights area that can give this quality of service and contentment to their clients. Call us now (806) 464-4220, let us help you!

As we aim to guarantee the safety and contentment of our clients, we also make certain that each client is kept fully aware of the status of their project, and any other issues that may emerge. Our Electrician Lubbock Pro are always available to answer questions and explain why something has to be done and how. For your bookings and inquiries, pls call (806) 464-4220

LED Upgrades and Lighting in Lubbock
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