Ransom Canyon

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Located 9 miles east of Lubbock, Texas, in Lubbock County, Ransom Canyon is a town in Buffalo Springs Lake on the North Fork of the Double Mountain Fork of the Brazos River in Yellow House Canyon. As of 2020, the town had approximately 1,189.


Ransom Canyon was established as a housing development project in the mid-1960s by Chapman and Chapman of Lubbock. It was developed from Johnston Ranch's 576 acres - the original ranch contained more than 100,000 acres. The region's original name, "Canyon of Ransom," comes from the fact that Spanish and Anglo traders negotiated with the Comanches to return the hostages in this location. On December 12, 1977, Ransom Canyon was incorporated. It had previously been known as "The Village of Lake Ransom Canyon." In April 1984, a vote to rename Lake Ransom Canyon to Ransom Canyon took place.

Tourist Destinations & Nearby Attractions

Ransom Canyon offers multiple tourist destinations. Thanks to its garden and natural area, the Ransom Canyon Memorial Chapel may now be reserved for events like weddings and baptisms. Visit the Robert Bruno Steel House, a one-of-a-kind structure that looks like a huge cicada but is, in fact, someone’s house. A few other places such as Buffalo Springs Lake, The Buddy Holly Center, and National Ranching Heritage Center are nearby.


Throughout the year, the temperature typically varies from -1.7°C to 33.9°C. The summer season in Ransom Canyon is long, hot, and mostly clear. On the other hand, winters are short, extremely cold, and windy. Ransom Canyon receives around 7 inches of snow each year, whereas the national average is 28 inches each year. September, May, and October are the most pleasant months in Ransom Canyon, while January and December are the least so.

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