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This is the right blog for you if you are searching for information about resources in Lubbock's Ballenger neighborhood. We will provide you the list of local schools, restaurants, and things to do in this blog article. We hope this content is relevant to people who are thinking about relocating to or residing in Ballenger Lubbock, TX!


We have gathered information on some of the finest schools in Lubbock's Ballenger area because education is fundamental in molding individuals no matter where you are in the globe. The following are some of the local schools:

  • South Plains Academy (4008 Avenue R, Lubbock) as many youngsters confront difficulties in and out of the classroom. South Plains Academy smartly matches up and delivers needed resources through a school-based coordinator so that students can focus on learning. From early on, they begin training to become productive citizens.
  • L. Slaton Middle School (1602 32nd St, Lubbock) as their mission says “where we create a future beyond what our students can imagine” making way with creative, alternative education for students seeking an alternative to standard schooling. Two sessions every day are offered by caring and skilled educators, allowing students to acquire the same number of credits in half the time.
  • Ballenger Head Start (Lubbock, TX 79412) have the ability to make a difference in the lives of the pupils as educators. Ballinger is a conventional and values-based community. At BHS, they are responsible for ensuring that the students continue the Bearcat Way by developing life-long learners who will become valuable citizens not only in Ballinger, but around the world.


  • Bryan’s Steak (1212 50th Street Lubbock) is a favorite restaurant in the city of Lubbock. It is no surprise, given with reasonable rates, welcoming family environment, and hand-cut, fresh steaks. Bryan’s want every customer who "took a ride to the countryside" to tell their friends about it. They will leave with the impression that they have been well catered after! Call (806) 744-5491 for your reservations and pick-up orders.
  • La Parilla Mexican Restaurant (1301 50th St #6, Lubbock) serves Mexico's delectable cuisine is featured. We recognize the value of flavor, which is why we use only the finest and freshest ingredients to produce your favorites. Come in for tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, salads, and a lot more! Call (806) 701-1614 for your reservations and pick-up orders.
  • La Chaviña (1519 34th St, Lubbock) recognized for serving you the best cooked with the freshest ingredients every day. Traditional Mexican cuisine inspired by family traditions is served in this small Mexican restaurant. It's a great destination for the whole family, students, or anyone looking for authentic Mexican cuisine. Call (806) 701-3204 or your reservations and pick-up orders.


Today, Ballenger is a thriving community with a variety of small businesses and service providers. Among the most important service providers in the area are electricians, who keep the lights on, the buildings warm, and the computers running. If you live or work in Ballenger and are in need of electrician services, you have probably noticed that there are many electricians to choose from. This can make finding the right electrician a little bit challenging, but also brings with it the opportunity to find electricians who are experts in their field and offer high-quality service like Electrician Lubbock Pro made a name for themselves as a commercial electrician that does high-quality work at a reasonable price. We don’t offer on-site service. Instead, please call (806) 464-4220 for inquiries and bookings.


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