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  • Jayne Ann Miller Elementary (6705 Joliet Dr, Lubbock) is a well ranked public school with 698 students in grades PK, K-5 with a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. According to state test results, 65 percent of children are proficient in arithmetic and 57 percent are proficient in reading. As we continue on a new journey together with your kids and also with you parents to reflect on the depth of Jayne Ann Miller's impact on the Lubbock community, our team has produced the following statements to guide our daily efforts: Inspiring everyone to discover and achieve their goal and to empower and improve society by molding the kids of the future. Call us to enroll now at (806)2198100
  • Evans Middle School (4211 58th St, Lubbock) purpose is to establish empowered learners who are driven, creative, and critical thinkers who will be equipped for excellence in the 21st century. Coordinate Algebra is one of the high school credit courses offered. Physical Science, Spanish, and Digital Technology programs are available, as well as band and chorus career related classes such as Art, Band, Chorus, Drama, and Music. Call us now to enroll at (806)2193600


  • Shonda Rodriguez (3706 63rd Dr, Lubbock) is pharmacy, that has a licensed by the proper state regulatory agency. The practice of the pharmacy includes, but is not limited to, the assessment, interpretation, evaluation, and implementation, initiation, monitoring, or amendment of medication and or medical orders; drug administration; drug regimen reviews; drug or drug-related research; and the provision of those acts or services are available here. So, call us now at (806)9281722


  • Jackson Pediatric Dentistry (3233 63rd St STE A, Lubbock) Our full-service pediatric dentistry clinic is located in the Melonie Park neighborhood of Lubbock, TX. From routine preventative checkups to patients with a particular concern, including effective and safe outpatient anesthesia for dental care, our specialist team handles it all. Our dentists are constantly concerned about and helpful to the patients. We provide pediatric dentistry services to children of all ages, from infants to teenagers. Call us now to book a schedule at (806)3688856
  • Randers Family Dental (3315 64th St, Lubbock) Dr. T.J. Randers has been in practice in Lubbock, TX since 2005. Dr. Randers and his assistants listen to you and explain your selections. Our ultimate objective is to help you achieve long-term dental health, and we'll do it with love, respect, and exceptional treatment that is as unique as you are. Visit our office in the Melonie Park neighborhood of Lubbock soon and let us take care of your teeth. Call us now to book a schedule at (806)7451744


  • Location Rentals () We are a Lubbock, Texas-based residential real estate management and property investment firm. In Melonie Park and the neighboring areas, we handle residential single-family houses and multi-family rental assets. The most wide - ranging inventory of homes in Lubbock, particularly in the Melonie Park neighborhood, as well as the most credentialed agents specializing exclusively in residential leasing and property management services. Contact us today to take advantage of our exceptional service and expertise. Call now (806)7945800
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