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The process of assisting learning, or the acquisition of information, skills, values, morals, beliefs, habits, and personal growth, that can be taught in schools in Wheelock and Monterey which is an essential to our growing kids in developing their minds in forming the future. It empowers people and prepares them to confront life's problems effectively. Below are schools that can be found at Wheelock and Monterey:

  • Wheelock Elementary School (3008 42nd St, Lubbock | contact: (806)2197200) is a public school that focuses on the child. It teaches individual and school pride, respect, and responsibility in all members of the school community. It will let you feel like everyone is physically and emotionally safe in dealing daisy basis. Wheelock School's major focus is learning. We appreciate a complete integrated curriculum and teaching methodologies that address the needs and difficulties of all growing individuals. Wheelock School regards learning as a lifelong process that promotes excellent learning and the best levels of performances for all students. Enroll now!
  • Christophers School () is a catholic school thus excellent academic reputation and its high-quality, prestigious educational programs have earned it a reputation as one of the best schools in Lubbock, TX. St. Christophers School at Wheelock and Monterey is committed to enhancing its students' abilities and molding them into productive members of society by providing a safe environment for learning and teaching them how they can contribute to society in the future. Enroll now!
  • Monterey Highschool (3211 47th St, Lubbock | contact: (806)2191900) make students feel empowered and equipped to make a real difference in both local and global communities after forming character and nurturing relationships. Students will develop skills needed to succeed as life-long learners through intensive curriculum, extracurricular and co-curricular programs. So enroll now!


  • Boston Kwik Mart (4201 Boston Ave, Lubbock | contact: (806)7012328) They enjoy serving and interacting with our amazing Wheelock and Monterey community and its neighborhood by providing great customer service, welcoming smiles, and all of the great food, drink, and snack brands you've come to expect for your cravings.
  • 7-ELEVEN (2501 34th St, Lubbock | (806)7995900) the first to offer to-go coffee cups, a self-service soda fountain, and 24-hour service. Our focus is on convenience, while our business is on service. Think of what you need, they got it!


  • ALON (3402 University Ave, Lubbock | contact: (806)7995900) is there for you whether you're refueling your pump -- with ALON fuels or supplying gasoline for hundreds of tanks, purchasing groceries at Wheelock and Monterey neighborhood you got it here it one place.
  • Family Dollar (2502 50th St, Lubbock | contact: (806)3708200) Cleaning supplies, cheap foods, seasonal products, and toys are all available at your local Family Dollar shop at inexpensive costs. There are also fantastic prices on kitchen goods, washing supplies, and food and drinks, such necessities are milk, eggs, and bread. You may also use your Family Dollar app to simply clip Smart Coupons – our unique digital coupons – for even more discounts on your next shopping trip when you are in Wheelock and Monterey in Lubbock, TX.
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