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Located on Interstate Highway 27 and U.S. Route 87, Abernathy is a city in Hale and Lubbock counties, Texas. As of 2020, the city had a population of approximately 2,865 people.


In 1909, J. C. Bowles, who owned a ranch near Shallowater's site, persuaded Bob Crump, a member of another ranching family, to assist him in forming a townsite company and securing a railway through the region. A celebration was held on June 26, 1913, to commemorate the founding of the town and the completion of the railroad. During the 1920s, Shallowater expanded rapidly, and it was also around this period that several churches, schools, a hotel, a lumberyard, and other businesses had begun construction.

Tourist Destinations

The best way to enjoy the beautiful Texas landscape is by visiting one of its many farms. And the At'l Do Farms Corn Maze has it all: authentic West Texas farming activities such as a corn maze, cow train, and more! There are some other great places nearby. For instance, you can visit Lubbock's Antique Mall of Texas, who have quality antiques specializing in Americana, or take your time strolling through the 19-acre historic park National Ranching Heritage Center.


Throughout the year, the temperature in Shallowater typically varies from -1.7°C to 33.9°C, rarely dipping below -7.8°C or exceeding 38.3°C. Shallowater receives about 20 inches of rain each year, on average. The national average is 38 inches of rain per year. The summer season, which lasts for almost four months, runs from May to September, with a daily average high temperature above 29.4°C. The winter season, which lasts for roughly three months, runs from November to February and has an average daily high temperature of 16.667°C. September, May, and October are the most pleasant in Shallowater, while January and December are the least so.

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