The 4 Types of Electricians

4 Different Types of Electricians in Lubbock TX

When you need an electrician, it is important to know the different types of electricians that are around. It can be difficult to find a good one if you don't know what they do or how much they charge. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of electricians in your area and show you how to select the right one for your needs!

Lubbock is a city in Texas that has been recognized as the "electrician capital of the world." There are many electricians here, but what are all the different types? This blog post will be going over some of the more common ones.

Although the title says that there are four different types of electricians, in actuality there's way more than that! Each type of electricians has their own unique set of responsibilities. Let’s take a look at the different types and what each type does.

Residential Electricians

These electricians work with residential properties and can help you get to your dream home by installing wiring for light fixtures, outlets, switches and power lines. They also specialize in repairing electrical problems like short circuits and faulty wiring. Residential electricians typically charge $25-$45 per hour.

Commercial Electrician

The commercial electrician installs wiring in large buildings like hospitals, schools, and retail stores. They also maintain the electrical infrastructure of these places over time to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Industrial Electrician

This type of technician installs industrial machinery such as conveyer belts and lifts heavy equipment into place on factory assembly lines to keep production going smoothly without a hitch. They also typically work with large motors, generators and transformers. These electricians can charge up to $75 per hour!

Automotive Electrician

This type of technician specializes in repairing cars' electrical systems such as wiring for headlights, taillights, turn signals and backup lights. They may also do miscellaneous repairs on the car like replacing fuses or testing batteries. The average rate is about $50-$60 per hour for this type of service!

HVAC Electrician

An HVAC (heating ventilating air conditioning) electrician installs equipment that provides heating and cooling throughout a building's various areas like offices, hospitals or schools. That includes installing ducts and vents along with wiring for heating, cooling and humidity. They also install or maintain electrical equipment that is used to distribute electricity throughout the building, such as electric boilers or chiller units. With all of this responsibility on their plate, it's not surprising they're able to charge $75-$100 per hour!

Solar Electrician

This type of technician installs solar panels in residential properties like rooftops with help from other types of electricians. The average cost can be up to $300 an hour but there are often good deals available if you wait until summer ends when a lot more people want these services!

Maintenance Electrician

This type of electrician is a jack-of-all trades. Not only do they install, repair and maintain all types of electrical equipment but also anything else that needs to be done around the house!

Installation Electrician

This type of electrician typically installs electrical wiring throughout buildings. They also work with things like power lines and high voltage cables that carry electricity over long distances. That means they need to be licensed and trained properly in order to do their job safely!

Lighting Electrician

This is a newer type of technician who specializes in installing, maintaining, repairing or replacing lighting fixtures found inside homes or other properties such as parking lots.

Voltage Specialist Electrician

A Voltage specialist electrician can often charge up to $150 per hour because this kind of specialist deals with the distribution system for an entire building's worth of equipment! These specialists have the most knowledge about how all those electrons flow from one device to another which makes them very valuable for large organizations.

Computer Electrician

This electrician specializes in installing, repairing or maintaining computers and computer networks like printers, monitors and servers. They're also trained to work with internet services such as DSL lines for high speed connections!

Audio Visual Electricians

Audio visual electricians install equipment that helps make going to school more fun while teaching students about the world around them. These technicians help create interactive classrooms where kids are able to learn from all sorts of games now available on computers and tablets!

Telephone Technician Electrical Engineering Generalist

If you need a telephone technician then this is the type of specialist who you'll want! That's because they have expertise in many different areas including wiring telephones into buildings' phone networks, installing phone jacks in various rooms and troubleshooting telephone problems.

One final note--whether you need an electrician now because something just went wrong or plan ahead so nothing goes wrong at all in your property, make sure you verify that the electrician is licensed by looking at their state's licensing board. You can also find more info about your local city here on this site!

All in all, electricians are an ever more necessary trades as we advance into a ever modern society. While this guide is by no means comprehensive, we hope to give you an overarching overview of the different types of electricians you may need in your home, school or business.

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