Things to Do in Ballenger Lubbock, TX

Ballenger may not be as well-known as other neighborhoods in Lubbock city, but don't be misled. Ballenger is a little, but a beautiful place and a tourist location worth visiting. Some of the interesting things to do, places to see and stores where to buy. We've compiled a list of things to do in Ballenger and the neighboring area. We have a feeling you'll be glad you included this city in your vacation plans if you do, where you can do shopping or buy in any stores based on your needs and wants.


  • Stubbs Park (36th Street and Avenue N, Lubbock) America/Rankin Inlet is the time zone in Stubbs Park. Sunrise is at 06:55 a.m. and sunset is at 18:56 p.m. Lubbock International Airport is 14.8km away. And when you’re hungry, don’t worry because there are a lot of fast-food and restaurants nearby the park like Chick-fil-A, Mcdonald’s, Whataburger and many more.


  • Corley Clothing Company (3424 I-27 Frontage Rd, Lubbock | contact: (806)407-6722) is a workwear retailer. To give a cost-effective choice for our clients' work apparel. We've all tore a hole in a brand-new pair of jeans at work or destroyed a fine shirt on the job at some point in our lives. If you work in an industry where a lot of garments get ruined, the expense can quickly mount up. Here at Corley Clothing Company, we have you covered. Nothing in our store costs more than $10. We have jeans, pants, khakis, work shirts, scrubs, lab coats, and more.


  • Harbor Freight (3416 I-27, Lubbock, TX 79404 | contact: (806)767-9015) provides over 7,000 products and accessories, ranging from hand tools and generators to air and power tools, shop equipment, and automotive supplies that guarantee a lower price than others.
  • Production Tool Supply (also known as PTSolutions) located at 1409 34th St, Lubbock | contact (806)712-0248 It is an industrial tool supplier. Abrasives, cutting tools, fluids, hand tools, equipment, material handling, measurement tools, plant and safety, and power tools are all available from the company.


  • Stripes (3402 Avenue Q, Lubbock, TX 79412 | contact: (806)762-4540) Snacks, beverages, and sundries are available at this convenience shop chain. The majority of them sell gas and custom-made Mexican food.
  • Q Stop Beer & Wine (4201 Avenue Q, Lubbock | contact: (806)368-7672) convenience store that is a great place to stop by and grab a drink. They offer a wide variety of beers and wines at an affordable price for a drink that taste great. The staff are always friendly, which makes the visit even more enjoyable.


  • Walgreens (1619 50th St, Lubbock) In the United States, it is the second-largest drugstore chain. It focuses on prescription fulfillment, health and wellness items, and health information. They have a wide range of medicines to suit different needs. Walgreens also offers emergency care, wellness services and other health products.

Raff and Hall Family Park Pharmacy (3404 I-27 Frontage Rd, Lubbock) made it our mission to serve our community's individual healthcare demands. Our pharmacists provide exceptional service by answering all of your questions and concerns thoroughly and privately. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience at Raff and Hall Family Park; it is always a pleasure to serve you.

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