Things to Do in Clapp Park Lubbock, TX

You’ll never get bored in staying at Clapp Park neighborhood as you can do a lot of activities depending on you and below is the list of what you can do and go while you’re at Clapp Park:

  • Clapp Swimming Pool (4500 Avenue U, Lubbock | contact: (806)7672736) is a swimming place that provides aquatics activities, lap swimming, free swim, and swimming classes. It organizes swim teams, arranges swim times, and provides unique programs. Changing rooms and other facilities are also available at the Swimming Pool. You could get in direct contact with Swimming Pools if you have any inquiries about:
    • Public pools and leisure centers
    • Swimming programs and lessons
    • Programs in aquatics
    • Aquatic centers in Lubbock County
    • Swimming laps and free swimming
    • Swimming teams in Lubbock County
    • Hours of Swimming Pool
  • Spring Spa Massage (4114 Avenue Q, Lubbock) We all experience stress at some point in our life. And, while it is prevalent, it may be harmful to our bodies and brains. As a result, it is critical that you strive to lessen your stress as much as possible. Fortunately, there are several methods for reducing stress and feeling your best. Our therapist who is sweet and friendly will let you experience tha asian and swedish massages that are available. You will be calm because of the private and sanitary surroundings. Walk-ins and appointments are both welcome! You may contact (626) 8636788 for bookings and reservations.
  • Ghostrider's Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio (3610 Avenue Q Suite 115, Lubbock) when it's time for a new tattoo, it is the place to go. We utilize high-quality tools and inks, and we keep everything hygienic, so whether you're completely covered or getting tattooed for the first time, you'll feel at ease at our tattoo shop in Clapp Park neighborhood in the city of Lubbock, TX. We also offer body piercing. For bookings please call (806)3687855
  • 50th Street Liquor (2020 50th St, Lubbock) sells beer, liquor, and wine because we care! Lubbock's neighborhood has 50th liquor, beer, and wine. We are delighted to provide a fantastic selection of Liquor, Beer, Wine, and much more to our community from our location on 50th and Avenue U. We carry and support both domestic and international brands. We have the largest selection of Vodka, Whiskey, Cognac, Wine, Champagne, Rum, domestic and international Beer, and a variety of mix ready to drink cocktails, so whether you're stocking up for the tech tailgate, get to congregate, or any party that you've arranged, we've got you covered. For your orders and reservations, pls call (806)7015452
  • Nothin’ Butt Smokes (2267 34th St, Lubbock) We cherish our customer base. Listen to our customer base to learn more. Respect people's right to make their own decisions. We make every effort to provide fresh, high-quality tobacco products for adult usage. Nothin' Butt Smokes guarantees a great customer experience every time you come to one of our locations. We rely on input and recommendations from 'YOU,' our valued buyer, to determine how we can best serve you. Our door is constantly open, and the lights are always kept on. We are excited to serve you. For your orders and reservations, pls call (806)7659355
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