Things to Do in Meadows South Lubbock, TX

Meadows South is a modest neighborhood located around Frankford near Slide, just south of 98th Street, and is known for its smaller byway. Cooper West Elementary School, Laura Bush Middle School, and Cooper High School are all part of the Cooper Independent School District which are around in Meadows South at Lubbock, TX. Also, you can always go to some offices around which could be surely will be a great assistance for your financial, health and real estate. You can either go to a bakery to eat if you are hungry in going to accessible offices below listed:

  • Wellness with Laurie is located at 5616 99th St, Lubbock. She promotes holistic nutrition that is progressive approach to ensuring good healthcare with food and lifestyle modification. As your holistic nutritionist, it is her goal to understand your specific health issues and create a motivating and practical diet and lifestyle plan that fits to you. She will serve as your personal advocate, assisting you in living a more vibrant and rewarding life.
  • Royeal Reconnect is a personal trainer located at 5507 102nd St, Lubbock. They will teach you on how to create a highly effective personalized fitness program, innovative and advanced workout regimens to improved health and fitness, dietary methods with intended outcomes that you thrive for and Particular program aspects for fat reduction and muscle growth will be explain thoroughly to you.
  • David Powell is a registered Business Transfer Specialist and a Commercial Real Estate Broker at Meadows South in Lubbock,TX. He specializes in company brokerage, leasing, and sales, as well as business valuation and equipment/machinery evaluation. You can visit him at West Lake Estates, 5707 104th St.
  • Confections By Kaleigh is indeed a place where you can relax and enjoy your favorite drink while eating some pastries. Are you seeking for a relaxing atmosphere with pleasant scents and hedonistic enjoyment? Pastry is served in this place. Between the points of a to-do list, everyone needs something enjoyable to do. The personnel will assist customers in choosing food options and maintain track of their orders. When your order is placed in front of you, the aroma of cinnamon and freshly ground beans may indeed be appealing and comforting. You can come by at 5708 111th St, Lubbock, TX.
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