Things to Do in South Mesa Lubbock, TX

There will always be a go-to at South Mesa neighborhood in Lubbock, TX. As you can always find something to do when you are around the area and make not a boring stay, go now! Have fun! Learn something or buy something for you and relax. You can start it going to:

  • Jack and Mary Nell Strong Park (Temple Ave, Lubbock) At South Mesa in Lubbock, Texas, Jack and Mary Nell Strong Park is an 8.4-acre park. It's a great spot to take a break, go for a walk, or even go for a fast run before work. It's a terrific spot to go with your friends or family members in Texas, and it has plenty of seats and green space. Jack and Mary Nell Strong Park is one of Lubbock's smallest parks, but it's still a lovely spot to experience the beauty of nature.
  • Camping World of Lubbock (1701 Texas 289 Loop Frontage Rd, Lubbock | contact: (877)3491343) The desire to travel dwells in all of us, whether we are a weekend adventurers or full-time travelers. It is why Camping World wishes to serve you discover the RV that really is right for you, provide the services that will keep it operating like new, and stock all of the extras you'll need for a fun trip. We'll be there for you no matter where you are or what unfolds on your RV trip.
  • Laser Odyssey (13807 Avenue Q, Lubbock | contact: (928)2029789) is a mobile laser tag facility that goes to you. This is a brilliant way to have a memorable and safe experience, whether this is just for fun, a birthday celebration, or team building. They deliver the taggers and inflatable bunkers to you, whether you're in a park, a tiny garden, or a gymnasium. Laser Odyssey provides numerous various forms of play: Capture the Flag, Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and more. They could set up anything at all from easy games for small kids to much more complex setups for older kids and people eager to be challenged. They stated that they can somehow accommodate any size party.

Attending Mass has been related to boosting your happiness and spiritual wellbeing in studies. It is said to enhance the immune system and lower blood pressure. It's a chance for you to grow in your religion. Your faith has much to be proud of, and it will feel better about yourself in addition to being beneficial for you. It has the potential to offer you a feeling of purpose. If you attend alongside with your family, you may form a deeper connection. So here is the list of the church you can go to when in South Mesa neighborhood in Lubbock, TX.

  • Fellowship Church Lubbock (7505 Avenue U, Lubbock | contact: (806)5893063) RECOGNIZING, PROCLAIMING, AND LIVING in GOD'S WORD. Every Sunday at 10:00 a.m., we assemble.
  • 82nd and Ave V Church of Christ (8207 Avenue V, Lubbock | contact: (806)2424707) As we confront various challenges in our life, the Word of God presents us with key aspects and guidance that we should seek out.
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