Things to Do in Springfield Lubbock, TX

We looked everywhere for the activities you really must do in Springfield. These are all the things you can't afford to miss, whether you reside here or just visiting.

You can go to the Piney Woods located at East Texas that covers 54,400 square miles (141,000 square kilometers). uncommon elsewhere in Texas is a junction of diverse habitats and biodiversity. The result is a bounty of natural wonders that delight the senses. National forests and wildlife preserve in the state inspire awe, respect, and preservation. The natural beauty of the Piney Woods extends beyond cypress trees. East Texas has some of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Some appear out of nowhere, stunning passing tourists, and others are adored local pride symbols.

When wanting to capture the moments you have when you are in the neighborhood you can go to Say Selfie LBK which is located at 11915 Frankford Ave Suite 100, Lubbock is indeed a space where you can have a great deal of fun and be creative! They are an interactive experience where you are the artist and may express yourself freely. Say Selfie LBK is confident that you will have an experience unlike any other, with over 20 ever-changing picture places.

And when you are craving for nutty foods after your errands in Springfield neighborhood, S&S Pecan Shelling is located at 5507 114th St, Lubbock where your pecans will be cracked, shelled, blown, inspected, and packaged by us! Please come in and try us out. We offer a really quick turnaround time on your pecans because we understand you want them right away for cooking or snacking!

Need anything? Groceries and any necessities you needed on your trip? a grocery shop that offers clients reliable quality, reasonable rates, and real service. Every retail customer at United Supermarkets receives exceptional service on each and every visit, always with a smile. From bread and deli to meat, vegetables, and everything else in between, United Supermarkets has everything you need to feed your family - all at one convenient location and at a low price.

Hungry? Well come to Cagle Steaks and BBQ at 8732 4th St, Lubbock where all of their BBQ, steak, and grilled meals are prepared using mesquite wood. (Today's fire is created on the coals from last night's fire) The most popular steak is rib-eye, but filet mignon is also delicious. We buy the finest beef, age it (haven't ever frozen), and then season it with our "Solid Character" spice over incredibly hot mesquite grills. Except for Sunday and Monday, we are open every evening. The office is open Monday through Friday, or send an email to Call them for your next event: weddings, receptions, rehearsal dinners, corporate parties, family gatherings, birthdays, reunions, and so on.

The Antique Mall of Lubbock, nearest Springfield's leading antique store.  One of the best selections in the Southwest may be found at the Antique Mall. Who would have guessed that one of the top antique malls in the country would be found in Lubbock, Texas, in the midst of the Texas south plains? Where you can go and see for yourself on what you can get from there.

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