Top 5 Restaurants for Lakewood Lubbock, TX

  • Top 5 nearest to-go-to churches at Lakewood in Lubbock, TX. These places will make you feel at home by faith in connection to God. You may have your reflections and prayers when you go to these churches mentioned below.
  • St Luke's Southwest (5805 98th St, Lubbock | contact: (806)7710555) We are always about God's love and acceptance, which embraces us as we are and leads towards where we should go. St. Luke's Lubbock is a GRACE-centered family where everyone is welcomed and wanted. We are devoted to reaching, growing, and sending fully committed believers of Jesus Christ out into the world. Every Sundays at 9.30 a.m. is a Sunday School and 10.30 a.m. is a Contemporary Worship. Everyone is much more welcome to come!
  • Holy Spirit Catholic Church (9821 Frankford Ave, Lubbock | (806)6986400) The committed believers have access to various of facilities and services of the church. This includes Baptisms, Weddings, and other sacramental ceremonies held in the Church. In just ten years, the Holy Spirit Parish has made considerable strides. Its mission has always been to be "a house of welcome and a place of service to all," and the parish society strives to be a leading embodiment of being Christ to one another through its lively ministry.
  • Live Oak Community Church (10710 Frankford Ave, Lubbock | contact: (806)7985583) What are your plans for the future in regards of your faith? We'd love to walk together you and assist you in taking the next stages in your faith! Live Oak was established in 1993 with the goal of growing and strengthening believers of Jesus Christ. We think that a life thrives when it is meaningfully committed to Christ and Community. Families and individuals should be able to connect with and pursue GOD, GOD'S WORD, GOD'S PEOPLE, and GOD'S MISSION. Our biggest influence, according to Live Oak, will be made all across the street, across the globe, and into the next generation. Join us now!
  • Holy Spirit Catholic Church Prayer Garden (9801 Frankford Ave, Lubbock) Sidewalks are being built at the Prayer Garden. Now you can see how the walking trails are built up. Many committed parishioners have devoted hours of effort and love into the prayer garden. May everyone all be inspired in your efforts and be blessed by the answers to your prayers.
  • Hope Lutheran Church & School (5700 98th St, Lubbock) offers to the interests of children from 6 weeks through Kinder-Prep. We are a Christian learning center founded on faith, where kids are loved and taught through fun and playing. We attempt to help folks do 3 things at Hope... grow in their religion, come together as a family, and serve as Jesus' followers. We understand the importance of spiritual development. This is a long-term purpose. We never come to a point in our life when we can say, "Thank you, God, I've grown enough." We grow through studying God's Word in the Bible, learning how and when to follow Jesus, and helping our neighbors.
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