Top 5 Restaurants for Harwell Lubbock, TX

Harwell neighborhood is in city of Lubbock. The city has a population of over 250,000 people. Lubbock has an average temperature of 68°F during the summer and 19°F during the winter. There are many restaurants that represents different regions from the Western and Mexican.

·      Wienerschnitzel which serves Mexican food at 1202 50TH Street that opens 10am –12am which is known as the Home of the worlds most wanted Hot Dogs, Chili Dogs, Burgers, Corn Dogs, and Chili Cheese Fries since 1961. Wienerschnitzel also offers tasty Tastee-Freez soft serve Shakes, Cones, and Sundaes. Call 806-744-8331 for reservations or pick-up orders.

·       EL Charro, is a Mexican restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, also popular for their mixes of drinks, located at 5011 I-27, Lubbock, TX. Which vibes for cowboys and a country music that brings you to a barn like atmosphere. You can call them at +18067475790 for reservations.

·       Whataburger is the place for you if you would like to have burgers and sandwiches. It offers an assortment of burgers, sandwiches, breakfast items, and other foods. The company's signature product is the A1 Thick and Hearty Burger, people remember the taste of it once tasted and will always make them come looking for it, as there is no other like Whataburger in the city of Lubbock. Located at 1702 19th St. Lubbock, TX or you can call (806) 744-8595 for reservations and pick-up orders.

·      Hill Barbeque is for your smoky feels' cravings, you can have it at the Hills endeavor to offer the greatest authentic BBQ to West Texas! The operation, which is only accessible on weekends, has earned the nickname "Lubbock's best kept secret" by some. With a rotating menu of classic smoked meats, handmade sides, and desserts. A food truck with picnic tables serves BBQ brisket, ribs, sausage, and homestyle sides. You can call them at +18066323313 for pick-up orders or reservations. Opens every Friday and Saturday 9pm until its gone or 7pm. Andrew and Jewel Hill, Lubbock locals, operate Hill Barbecue. This joint BBQ experience is in Woodrow Road and the Interstate in South Lubbock. The Hills strive to offer the best authentic BBQ to West Texas! The business, which is only available on weekends. Hill Barbecue maintains its reputation as a local delicacy for its consumers near and far with classic style smoked meats, rotating handmade sides, and desserts! They would welcome their guest and made them feel as a friend when they leave.

·      Residents of Lubbock have made Simple Simon's Pizza one of the city's most popular pizzerias. It will become one of your favorites as well! This business has been a community. institution for years and has been partnered with Slice since 2018. Try the dish and you will realize why it is so popular with the locals. Curbside pickup makes takeaway a breeze. To try what Simple Simon's Pizza has to offer, aside from pizza, they also serve salads, breads, calizones, chicken wings, strombolis, sandwiches and different kind of beverage. Go to one of their many locations at 3410 Interstate 27. Opens at 11am.

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