West Carlisle

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West Carlisle is located in the Texas Panhandle in Lubbock County and is within the (806) area code. It's about 3,300 feet (3/4 mile) above sea level.

Notable Characteristics

West Carlisle has more residents enrolled in college than 96.9% of U.S. neighborhoods. College students make up more than 15% of the population here, making it a college-centric neighborhood. Furthermore, the West Carlisle neighborhood has a larger number of residents who didn't live here five years ago than 95.3% of all U.S. neighborhoods. The neighborhood has more new residents than almost any other in America.

Nearby Attractions

Are you planning to take a trip with the whole family? Lubbock Water Rampage offers a wave pool, lazy river, kiddie pool, water slides, picnic grounds, and more! If you're looking for more places to visit, Prairie Dog Town, Legacy Play Village, and Mackenzie Park are all just a few minutes' drive away.


West Carlisle averages 46 inches of rain each year, whereas the countrywide average is 38 inches. During the year, the temperature ranges from 5.5°C to 35°C. The temperature seldom reaches below -1.6°C or rises above 37.7°C. January has the coldest nighttime temperatures for West Carlisle, with an average of 3.6°C. The months of March, April, and October are the most pleasant in West Carlisle, while July and August are the least so.

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