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A city located in southwest Lubbock County, Texas, Wolfforth shares a boundary at Alcove Street with the City of Lubbock. Wolfforth is part of the Lubbock Metropolitan Statistical Area. As of the 2010 census, the population was approximately 3,600.


Wolfforth was founded in 1916. When the Panhandle and Santa Fe Railway cut through the region, it rapidly evolved like many other towns in the area. It was named for two brothers, George C. Wolffarth, a rancher and later president of the Citizens National Bank of Lubbock, and Eastin Wolffarth, a local sheriff in the 1900s. The town began providing water and sewage services and introducing street paving programs after its incorporation in 1950.

Tourist Destinations

According to travelers, the 32-km long Yellow House Canyon is regarded as the greatest tourist attraction in Wolfforth. So if you're looking for a great weekend trip, pack your bags and head over to Wolfforth. Other attractions the city offers include the West Texas Polar Express Ride for a fun-filled family activity, 4ORE Golf for the golf enthusiasts of all ages, and the Legacy Play Village, a 3-story, 30,000 square foot wooden playground built by volunteers from the South Plains.


Throughout the year, the temperature typically varies from -1.7°C to 33.9°C, rarely dips -7.8°C or exceeds 38.3°C. Twenty inches of rain falls on average in Wolfforth each year. The US average, on the other hand, has 38 inches of rain per year. The hot season lasts almost four months, from May to September (July being the hottest month), with a daily average high temperature of at least 29.4°C. The cold season extends almost three months and has a daily average high temperature of below 16.7°C, begins in November and ends in February (January being the coldest).

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