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The community of Woodrow is located on State Highway 87, 16 km south of Lubbock in the southern extremity of Lubbock County. It is also part of the Lubbock Metropolitan Statistical Area and to this day, remains an unincorporated community. In 2000, 85 people were living in this small community.


Woodrow is a relatively new settlement in Lubbock County, its foundation taking place only in the 1910s. There was a debate over whether to call the small settlement Woodrow or Wilson. Eventually, the decision to name the town Woodrow was made, possibly because a town called Wilson already existed in nearby Lynn County. Woodrow's first school opened in 1917. Woodrow was chosen to consolidate with a proposed new school while plans were being made to enhance the outlying schools of Lubbock County.

Notable Attractions

Woodrow, while small in stature, is close to many notable attractions. You can take a stroll through the 19-acre historical National Ranching Heritage Center. It takes up to 90 minutes to cover its grounds, so be sure you do this early! You can also visit the Museum of Texas Tech University, which houses full-scale replicas that allow you to get up-close encounters with dinosaurs and other ancient animals. You'll undoubtedly enjoy your visit while you're in Woodrow.


The warmest month in Woodrow is July, with an average high temperature of 34.1°C. Meanwhile, the cold season runs for three months (November to February) with an average daily high temperature below 16.6°C. January is the coldest month of the year in Woodrow, with an average low of -1.6°C and a high of 12.8°C.
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